About Haobang TV Mounts Haobang TV Mounts Factory

The biggest advantage of our TV MOUNTS is that they are cost-effective.

Meet Our Team

1、Pre sales guidance !

2、There are professional designers to help design carton printing!

3、There are professional freight forwarders to help deal with shipping matters!

4、If there are any problems after sales, there will be a dedicated person to communicate and solve!

Product advantages

1、The biggest advantage of our TV MOUNTS is  cost-effective.

2、We have a very mature local supply chain, such as cartons, steel, plastics。

3、We are also very close to the port of Tianjin.

Purchase from us before the price of raw materials increases!

Why Choose Haobang

Purchasing Steps

1、Customers visit the website first, and then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form.

2、Our salesman will quote to you.

3、 We will send samples to you after our two confirm all the transaction details.

4、You can give us the final order after the you are satisfied with the sample.

5、There is  professional forwarder to help you arrange shipment when the production is completed.